On July 9th, an one day workshop on the topic 'Digital Camera' has been successfully conducted at Chennai, having the basic technology of Digital Camera as theme. It is imperative to familiarize with the basics of this wonderful equipment to understand the plethora of makes and models available in today's market place, and that, was what exactly we shared in this workshop session. 

In the session, the differences and similarities between digital and film cameras were discussed. We have started with the basic construction of the handheld still cameras and went up to the cinematographic cameras’ design. The modus-operandi of modern digital cameras, their capabilities and the similarities and differences between the contemporaries were discussed in detail. For this purpose, we have brought in various models of cameras being used in the field at present. Digital to DSLR cameras were on display for the benefit of the students. The film camera which was displayed for understanding the intricacy of our past stirred nostalgia among the participants. 

As always, the participants comprised from varying backgrounds and origins. However, it was really happy to see an international participants. Thanks to that special photography enthusiast from Srilanka for having made our day! 


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