CHENNAI - 7 & 8 TH NOV 2015

In this two days workshop around 44 people are participated. The surprising thing in this event is not only from Visual Media, lots of people from various industries including a Auto driver, carpenter also participated. Another wonder, a guy from Sri Lanka and United States specially fly to Chennai to learn cinematography basics. This proves the demand for the courses as well how cheaper when compare to other markets. One senior film particated he say, he was away from cinema for few years, now wants to update his knowledge in digital media. 

First day we taught about Photography and its basics, Second cinematography and its basics. Particularly the cameras used in Indian Cinema and all over the world. As a crown of the event Colorist Shyam discussed about the color corrections and importance handling color in the frames. 

In this two days’ workshop, all participants got confident on cinematography. It adds strength for their knowledge.


Name: Vijay Armstrong
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Name: Gnanam Subramanian


Phone: +91 99200 29901