Cinematic Lighting in Wedding Photography
Trichy - 23/04/19

This Lighting Workshop will introduce participants the principles of lighting using different professional lights, giving them a better understanding and confidence to deal with diverse lighting situations. 

Explore the elements of light and understand white balance, color temperature, and light quality. Choose and use appropriate accessories Learn to work with natural light, indoors and out.

1. Different Kinds Lights & Accessories 

2. Basic principle & Technology 

3. Basics of Colours

        1. Color Temperature

        2. Day Light - 5600K

        3. Tungsten Light - 3200K

        4. Fluorescent Light

        5. LED 

4. Light Meter

    1. Grey Card

    2. Three Point Lighting 

5. Background lighting

6. Day Natural Lighting & Controlling Outdoor Lighting

7. Available lighting Enhancer

8. Portrait Lighting 

9. Techniques to approach pre-wedding and wedding photography

10. D-SLRs for filming weddings

11. Tips For Shooting a Bridal Portrait


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